How often should I bathe a puppy?

How often should I bathe a puppy? A guide for the dog owner

My friend knows I am an expert so she asked me “how often should I bathe a puppy ?”Almost every dog hates the thought of being scrubbed by their owner. It is an activity they want to avoid and no matter how cumbersome it may get for the owner to convince the dog to take part in the activity, it is necessary. Bathing your dog is extremely important to keep their fur and skin healthy. Dogs are very active animals and they love to play and jump around. how often should i bath a puppy

Their activities tend to get their coats dirty and a dirty coat can attract numerous problems like dandruff and fleas. This makes maintaining their hygiene necessary and any dog owner should bathe their puppy regularly. Even though regular bathing is important, overdoing it can be rough for the dog and rip their skin of its basic moisture and oils leading to dandruff and frizzy hair. It is true that usually, dogs do not require to be washed as frequently as humans but a regular bath is still necessary. How regular, though, depends on several factors including their hair length, hair volume, type of coat, their habits, and the environment.

Dogs with oily coats, for example, should be bathed often as they tend to attract dust and mud to their coats much more easily and frequently. Their coats can get sticky and dirty very easily. A weekly wash is suggested for breeds like Basset Hounds to keep their oily coats free of dust and dirt.

Short haired breeds with smooth coats do not require to be bathed as frequently because having short hair means it is difficult for dust and dirt to stick to their fur. This prevents fleas and ticks from infesting their coats and they are likely to remain clean for the most part. Breeds like Beagles do not need to be bathed much. The short coated Basenjis are so fastidious with keeping themselves clean that they rarely need a bath.

Breeds like Golden Retrievers and Great Pyrenees have water repellent coats and thus, should be bathed less frequently to preserve the natural oils they can lose easily when exposed to a bath. Similarly, dogs with thick double coats should also be bathed less often. It can take time to bathe dog breeds that have a thick double coat. These breeds should instead have their coats brushed regularly to get rid of all the dead hair and keep their coats shiny and healthy. Breeds like Samoyeds have very thick coats and brushing them regularly and frequently is good for their skin.

How often should you bath a dog

Some dogs are extra active and despite their breed and other factors, should be washed often. They love rolling in the mud, and getting dirty is an activity that brings them happiness!

However, one should not scrub them so much that their skin becomes prone to dandruff, hair fall, and other problems. So if anyone ask me, how often should I bath a puppy, my answer is: You should decide how often it is important to bathe them depending on your dog’s breed as well as their activeness and hygiene habits.